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as you might have seen on instagram (@dariadaria_com) i have gone through the ultimate diet experience for 48 hours (!) wow. Since no one reads blog posts that exceed three phrases here’s a video explaining how it went (it went bad!). Here’s also some images of what I ate during these terrible 48 hours:

veggie soup / salad without bread 🙁

salad without bread AGAIN / breakfast booh


bag ZALANDO COLLECTIONskirt ZARA / shirt, sunnies and shoes & OTHER STORIES / blazer H&M
Many e-mails have arrived since my last ombre video, asking for more videos! Finally, after some work Dariadaria productions has been born – showing you outfit videos every week. Like this you can actually see the clothes moving, in a real setting. Enjoy!


as you might know by now i’m a fashion photography student at istituto marangoni in milan. so many people keep asking me about it so i decided to shoot a short video of our work at the studio featuring all my classmates. we spend one day a week at the studio, the rest of our lessons are at school. 

ps: excuse the shit quality, i cut in imovie which has very poor export quality.

pps: the job as a fashion photographer sounds really cool and hip but it’s actually really hard and badly paid. just getting reality straight here.


after i have been obsessing over alexa chung’s hair for almost a year now, i have finally had the guts to try an ombre diy. as you know i barely ever go to the hairdresser because i just always pay loads of money for unsatisfying results. so i started to cut my hair at home, last time the boyfriend cut it and now i finally colored it at home.

there are so many good products but i was really unlucky to be in italy, where there’s only a very small selection of products that make your hair brighter (most people here are naturally brunette, so the market for bleach isn’t as big). so the only thing i found was schwarzkopf nordic blonde highlight set. here’s the video i promised and the steps below! hope you like it!

1. read the instructions of the product carefully (some have to be applied on wet, some on dry hair)
2. apply bleach to the very ends of your hair, wrap it in aluminum foil
3. wait (the time for your hair color is indicated in the instructions) but make sure to check on your hair every once in a while, it mostly takes a lot shorter!
4. wash out the color
5. repeat step 2 with covering more hair in color, this way the ends will be a little hair and the color will gradually blend in nicely
6. wait again for a while, still checking on the progress
7. rinse out and wash your hair

some tipps: it’s better to bleach your hair on the second or third day after washing. this way the hair will absorb the color a lot better. also make sure to use good products, since bleach is pretty aggressive on your hair. a serum or anything silkening will do it’s job to keep your hair soft and shiney!

And here some of my inspiration:


here’s the GANT making of video i’ve been telling you about for so long! i think it turned out incredible, the cut, the editing and the perspective are truely wonderful. thanks to cristobal hornito from the vangardist for capturing these beautiful frames.