a while ago vienna didn’t really have to offer cool cafés close to the city center. most places are over-priced, touristy and simply suck (way to be articulate and well-spoken here). but finally, there’s an amazing place, where even the waiters are nice. they’re friendly! (which is very rare in vienna). the motto café is located on a boat on the canal and is part of the motto restaurant, which i haven’t been able to visit yet. they have great menus and their brunch is divine! my company was beautiful kira, who got a new hair cut and encouraged me to get a new haircut too (i am thinking minus 10 cm here, guys.)

anyway, sorry for being a lame blogger these days, i am kind of drowning in work. can’t wait for a little break, before my first burnout hits me (just kidding, i simply like to complain).


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