albertina passage is a quite new place in viennas first district, right by the opera. it’s supposed to be a dinner club, a place where you can eat out and party at the same time. when we first arrived we were really impressed by the interior. the light and the music set a perfect mood.
apart from the food and the music, albertina passage really wasn’t worth the money. the first problem we had was that we got the worst table ever. we were sitting on a table in a corner, far away from the stage. i called months before to get a good table, since it was peter’s 30th birthday and asked for a good table by the band. anyway, the waiter gave us a much better table when i asked him to. then the night went on and albertina passage disappointed me more and more. we got our starters before we even had our drinks, the bread arrived even after that. if one pays 18 € for a starter, i should be able to have my glass of wine with it, right? for mains we had the rib-eye steak and fish, which were both delicious.
the waiter then forgot about us, we sat in front of our empty plates for almost 30 min. we weren’t even asked if we wanted dessert, but at that point we didn’t even wan’t anything else than get out of the place.
my resume: a very beautiful and special place, high quality food but awful service and definitely not worth the money. too bad.


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