i have had this blog for a long time now, but i realized that i have never written anything about my work outs here. sports are such an important part of my life and with my slight ADHD i really need to move, otherwise i’ll freak out. unfortunately there’s not a lot of time to do sports during the week, since i work full-time and i have blog related events almost every night of the week. BUT i am in the lucky position to choose between two really nice gyms and i try to go there as often as i can. next week i will be running a 16km run and i am trying to get prepared as best as i can. i decided to put together a little routine that always works for me:
1. warm up: cycling or cross-trainer 20 min.
2. strength: 3 x 15 sit-ups / 3 x 15 push-ups / 3 x 15 lunges
3. cardio: 45 min. running
4. cool down: 10 min. walking
here are some advices that will make your life a lot easier when you work out:
1. hydration: drink, drink, drink a LOT of water
2. music: have a good playlist prepared, music pushes you more than anything!
3. pulse: work with a heart rate monitor! it will prevent you from running out of breath before you have even started your workout
4. reward yourself: for every 10 min. more you spend on the treadmill, get yourself a little reward
5. keep a diary: take notes of your work-outs, you will see how much you have done and it will “force” you to keep exercising every week
6. buy fashionable active wear: this is probably the most girlie thing i have ever written here, but fashion is also important to me in the gym! it sounds extremely superficial, but i feel so much more better in cool active clothing (and i feel like a bad ass triathlon competitor or something)
7. S-T-R-E-T-C-H: stretching is SOOOO important for your entire body and the work outs coming. so never forget to STRETCH! (have i emphasized it enough with all those capitalized words and exclamation marks?)
after i work out i always have a snack on my way home, before cooking a proper meal. i mostly carry an apple, banana, a smoothie or some whole-wheat crackers with me. when working out it’s REALLY important to eat. starving yourself will get ya nowhere (old gangster lady voice)!


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