you might have seen on my facebook page that i do a lot of workouts at home. i do own a gym membership and i adore running outside but sometimes i really don’t have the time to get dressed and go out to do my workouts. doing workouts at home is SO easy and SO time efficient. there is no excuse not to do it.

I KNOW that those girls and guys instructing the videos are mostly always totally nuts. they creep the shit out of me. the way they yell and smile. but here’s my favorite videos, some are shorter, some are longer. even if you’re super busy, just doing a 10 minute workout will make you feel better – pinkyswear! fit and healthy, not skin and bones!

the freakin hardest workout i know. been doing it for years, still not managing to do it in the same pace:

oh and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE dance workouts. just like nicole richie right here. doesn’t it wanna make you dance??


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