recently i have been talking about the olympics and sports with so many people, that i decided to start a column and post try to post about my fitness routine / nutrition every monday. they’re all gonna be labeled as fitness and they’re not only supposed to help me find motivation but also give you some motivation to take care of your health and bodies. i have had a very personal connection to how bad nutrition and little excercise can cause illness or even death. also i have been very sick of all those “skinny tumblrs”, where anorexic girls propagate a lifestyle that includes counting calories and starving yourself. i am in the lucky position that i was raised with a lot of self-confidence and i don’t feel the need to be skinnier that i can be or my genes allow me to be. everyone is different and it’s not about the number on your scale, it’s about how you feel on the inside. loving yourself if the most important thing in live, because it’s the only thing that will last when everything is said and done. sports and eating things that make your brain work will change your life – i promise! BEING STRONG ALWAYS FEELS BETTER THAN BEING SKINNY.
now i will stop talking like a freaking sect leader and start doing some pins on my brand new pinterest get healthy board.


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