so there’s one thing deeply rooted in me being raised in austria: i love house shoes aka slippers. when i lived in italy no one would ever take off their shoes in the house and it kind of drove me crazy.
not only because it’s dirty, also because i just LOVE getting out of my outside shoes and gliding into fluffy slippers. when i saw these UGG slippers for the first time a few years ago, i fell in love ( little voice in my head: “THEY’RE SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!”). so when i got them from sarenza i was like they happiest old lady, because i am finally owning the slippers of my dreams (god that sounds so dorky.)

PS: never thought i’d actually do an outfit post with house shoes on. world premiere on dariadaria!

slippers UGG VIA SARENZA / dress H&M / watch DANIEL WELLINGTON


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