a while ago when lovely anna told me i reminded her of miroslava duma, i have to admit i had no freakin clue who that was.
after finding out and already getting totally obsessed with her looks, more and more people have told me that we do have some similarities (which makes me mega-blush everytime). mira duma is founder of buro 24/7 (unfortunately only in russian) and former editor of russian harpers bazaar. miroslava duma’s style is very different from many other russian it-girls that never seem to put aside the huge furs and super-glamorous attitude. her styles are a huge inspiration to me, not only because mira duma is only 150 cm tall (can’t believe she’s even shorter than me) but because looking at her outfits is like looking at a fashion reincarnation of a painting by mark rothko or alexej von rawlensky. so expressive, so colorful, such a statement.


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