the sad thing about fashion events in vienna (and probably in many other places too) is that 90% of the people there are going to drink champaign, eat food and show off their fur coats. same in vienna a few days ago, when i went to see miuccia prada’s latest (well not so much latest) strike. people didn’t really seem interested in the pieces around them, which is sad for them, because this collection is REALLY worth looking at.

a collection fully set in nostalgia: sailor coats, dotted handkerchiefs and striped stockings – many items that we have seen in the first half of the 1900’s. there’s some comic like keys and a hint of pop art. a collection that once again states that miumiu is unlike many traditional brands such as burberry or louis vuitton, that never go far off their classic line, but has the courage to develop collections with twisted concepts that as confusing as they seem at first, work in the whole scheme. 

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