alright, you guys are getting tired of my “simply put studs on any item in your closet”-diy’s. i understand. and i promise this is the last one. but i HAVE to share it, because i saw again how much money stores are asking for a shoe that costs 5 dollars in production. anyway, i really love that re-make of my old converse.
step 1: grab your old, disgusting chucks
 step 2: put studs on them
 step 3: feel awesome because this was really easy and cool your thumb because it will be very, very sore.


i’ve seen studded collars everywhere!  alexa chung wore it once n the red carpet and you can also order them online in so many stores. but i think the prices for them are horrendous and so many of them look kind of tacky. sooooo i did one of the simplest DIY’s ever. cut off the collar of an old button-up shirt, applied studs, done. eeeeeeeasy! i wore it with an old vintage shirt from my granny. lovo mucho!
ps: that’s probably the scariest gif i’ve ever created. sorry for freaking you out. i promise i won’t ever show up in front of you with scissors in my hands and that look on my face.


 i’ve never seen myself as big crafty person. i am way too impatient and when god set my genetics he set my fine motor function to zero. seriously, i am one of the clumsiest people ever. BUT… BUT: there’s DIY’s for people like me. easy ones. you might have seen that anything with studs is super hyped at the moment. everyone’s like: whoa studs! what a great idea! but studs have been around for such a long time.  many designers are picking them up again and are mixing them with haute couture. well this isn’t haute couture, it’s a simple H&M jeans vest to which i added screw on spikes (available in vienna here). very easy, very cheap. more coming soon!