if there’s something i really appreciate as a photographer it’s well made lookbooks. everyone who’s in photography knows how hard it is to create a lookbook that’s clear but still creative. the wood wood spring summer ’13 campaign really has “perfection” written all over it. i also really like the styling, this sleek wet hair look is something i need to try myself. not having to mention that the collection is divine, but having a wood wood fetish this is nothing new to me. one day, when money won’t be a question, all of this will be mine.


alright, it already seems a little late posting this, but i have wanted to share this amazing collection with you for a long time. there’s so many pieces i’d actually love wearing. the duo behind “the row”? mary-kate and ashley olsen! omg! seems like to me their still the cute baby from “full house”. well no, now what they do is much cooler.


one thing that makes me sad about the fashion world is the lack of innovation. there’s barely any designers out there that come up with new ideas. that’s why I was quite impressed when I heard about george bezhanishvili‘s project “reasonable luxury”. george studied in my hometown vienna at the university of applied arts and is now based in new york. i saw one of his shows last year at the austria fashion awards last year and it left quite a memory.

george now came up with a u fundraising project for his ss 2013 collection. his goal is to produce the upcoming collection entirely in US, giving fashion jobs to over 14 individuals, presenting the collection at the new york fashion week and what’s most important: make it reasonably priced. he specially designed rewards, so within helping him with the project you will be able to obtain original GB accessoires and artworks.

it’s really easy: go to this website and donate as much as you want. there’s nothing that’s not good about this project. really.


the zalando fall winter 2012 lookbook blows my mind. really didn’t expect such a well styled, nicely shot lookbook. here’s my favorite looks.
also i got to pick an outfit from the current collection, it arrived a few days ago. come back tomorrow and you’ll see what i picked. it’s pretty rad.