a night with diesel

i am invited to showrooms probably every week. a lot of times i end up really disappointed, because they’re pretty much all the same. if i have learned something in marketing class it’s: as a brand you have to be authentic and follow your style. so why do so many companies present their new collections in boring rooms with boring settings? well diesel seems to do their homework when it comes to giving their brand shape. their SS 2012 showrom was a-m-a-z-i-n-g and really spoke for every single piece of their new collection. except from the little delay and having to wait in the cold, what waited for us on the inside was just incredible. a hidden club in the very old town of vienna, with several rooms, models functioning as actors, great cocktails and super nice interior. ufortunately in some rooms the pieces were a little poorly lit, but i guess it was part of the whole athmosphere in there. the collection contains very feminine work dresses, great silk/leather pieces and stylish fabric bags. 
the evening at elysium was really a perfect one. the give-away at the end was also pretty cool and because i love my readers i will be giving it to one of you. thanks to diesel for an amazing night.

mq fashion week day 1

vienna: fashion city? well…. maybe not. we’re trying hard but we simply can’t keep up with paris or london. BUT there’s no other fashion week where you get little sausages in your goodie bag! amazing, right? i am sure the models didn’t eat them and neither did i. anyway, from sausage to fashion: i attended the shows of rebekka ruetz, bipone, michel mayer, elfenkleid and eva poleschinski. rebekka ruetz: quite nice. bipone: no comment. drag queen looks par excellence. michel mayer: loved the music. elfenkleid: angel-like. ep_anoui: at least a little more crazy than the regular stuff. but what bothered me really was the fact, that music by THE XX is absolutely being overused. you hear their songs in so many tv commercials and now even at fashion shows. common people, don’t destroy those good songs and get some new ones for whatever you’re doing!

anyway, today day two starts, followed by rebekka ruetz after party. more photos coming soon and on my facebook page.

ps: forgot to mention my highlight. the 17 year old sitting in the first row with sunglasses and acting like he’s taking notes.

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