last week in vienna, the bf and i were so lucky to taste some chocolates at XOCOLAT. this amazing chocolate boutique offers the craziest selection of chocolates you will ever find: there are products from every corner of the world, with the best ingredients that i didn’t even know existed. my all-time favs though are still their home-made chocolates, which are produced in their manufactury in vienna’s 9th district. there you can also take workshops, which the bf and i are considering for the next time we are in town. as i am writing this we have already eliminated every single piece we brought back to milan. it’s just too good to be true.


the ingredients // anything fresh

good olive oild + fresh basilic = most important

best dessert ever // home made espresso

since i’ve moved to milan i have been trying to try as many foods as possible but it all comes down to the following: pasta, pizza and ruccola. i don’t know why but i never get enough of those. the other day i tried to spice it up a little and created a super delicious lunch dish, which you can also see on one of my favorite food blogs “foodisten”.


part of my weekly routine is going to the grocery store every monday. i try to buy things for the week and even though i spend so little time at home, i try to prepare meals myself. as much as i love eating out and realized that i just don’t have the gift of being a good cook, preparing own meals is so much better. i like knowing what’s inside the meal and where the ingredients come from. also there’s nothing better than the feeling to be full after eating something GOOD. of course junk food can be comforting food sometimes, but inever feel GOOD after eating it.

i don’t eat a lot of meat, especially after i read this book, i went vegetarian for a while. i was raised having loads and loads of fruit at my house and i am sure that’s the reason why i was barely ever sick as a child. also i have a slight lactose intolerance, so the foods i eat are pretty limited. of course there’s always exceptions to the rules and i would never limit myself to anything if i was craving it.

those are the things i try to always have at home:

– dried tomatoes
– chickpeas
– frozen salmon
– fresh veggies: avocado, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, seasonal vegetables
– fresh fruit: bananas, berries, apples, raisins, seasonal fruit
– fresh ginger
– deep frozen fruit (mainly for smoothies)
– nuts
– any kind of grain: couscous, bulgur, quinoa
– home made pesto

my absolutely favorite food blog is 101 cook books but i also enjoy Green Kitchen StoriesFoodistenVegan Guerillaherbivoracious, manifest vegan and of course  anna’s food posts

i recently stumbled across the book “i love real food” which has great recipes without sugar and only simple, natural ingredients. this recipe is actully really similar to the one i did here.

here’s also a litte note on soy, which i used to eat a lot. soy production has become a major force in the destruction of the rainforest, mainly in south america. on 77 % of the culticated land used for growing soy uses genetically modified seeds. also there are no long-term studies on the positive effects of soy concerning cancer risks and so on.


probably the most unexciting post ever. but it’s saturday and i really don’t feel like spending too much time preparing a post, since i have to get my TAN GOING AT THE POOL. this is what i have for breakfast every morning and i worship it like a god.


a lovely evening at the destilat showroom with vicky. great wine, cold cucumber soup, roastbeef with sprouts, amazing curry… all prepared by una abraham on the brand new camouflage kitchen. she’s a godess, i swear (both una and the kitchen, of course.)
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