what a wonderful night! lychee-bellini, cosmpolitans, amazing food and beautiful bloggers. last night some bloggers gathered at oasia in vienna’s first district and enjoyed a great night. it’s so ironic, it feels like a big family dinner every time we go out.
bloggers were: 
anna  h.anna 
maria stylekingdom 
michaela cool outfit 
sonja fashiontweed 
carola vienna wedekind 
julia fanfarella 
isabella repeatoire  


a weekend full of love, old friends and amazing food. went to phil, their service was shit as usual but their toasted sandwiches really make up for their incompetent, grumpy waiters.


if there’s such thing as bakery heaven, it is definitely located at vienna’s aumannplatz. 12 munchies is a place that gives me goosebumps everytime i take a bite of their delicious baked goods. it starts with peanut butter cupcakes, cheesecake brownies goes on with crumble cakes and completes it with amazing sandwiches and salads. simply taking a single step into the wonderful little store makes one smile. the place is just so full of love. you can tell that they love what they’re doing with every single cell of their bodies. and that’s what makes it so awesome.


a while ago vienna didn’t really have to offer cool cafés close to the city center. most places are over-priced, touristy and simply suck (way to be articulate and well-spoken here). but finally, there’s an amazing place, where even the waiters are nice. they’re friendly! (which is very rare in vienna). the motto café is located on a boat on the canal and is part of the motto restaurant, which i haven’t been able to visit yet. they have great menus and their brunch is divine! my company was beautiful kira, who got a new hair cut and encouraged me to get a new haircut too (i am thinking minus 10 cm here, guys.)

anyway, sorry for being a lame blogger these days, i am kind of drowning in work. can’t wait for a little break, before my first burnout hits me (just kidding, i simply like to complain).


caution: these photos may cause feeling of incredible hunger and food cravings.

please don’t hate me for those photos. i know it’s very sadist of me to post all these delicious looking things. i went to neni at sofitel. as a true reader of my blog (which of course, you are) you might remember sofitel from 11festival, which attended. click here for a little memory refresher. neni is locted in the back of the hotel, in a cosy “glass box”. this is the second neni restaurant that has opened in vienna, the original one is at naschmarkt. i always loved their food, but didn’t like the naschmarkt location. its always super crowded and drafty (yes, i hate drafts! i’m an old, austrian lady.) neni in the second district, in contrast, is sooo quiet and nice. i love it. and the food…. omgomgomgomg. no words needed.
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