yimmy yayo x ellery for MBFWA has been my latest obsession. ellery’s perfection captured in even more perfect photos. i am DROOLING all over my keyboard right now. 
check out part 1 and part 2.

Robin Roger

recently i stumbled upon this incredibly talented photographer from vienna. he shot wonderful mark from the label mark & julia and the photos just instantly caught my attention. his repertoire reaches so far, it’s amazing how he captures these moods indoor as well as outdoor.
make sure to check out robin roger’s tumblr and facebook page if you like the work as much as i do.

3.1 philip lim

that lemony yellow, those nude colors, see-through shoes, the silky fabrics and clean cuts. have i mentioned HOW much i love 3.1 phillip lim’s spring summer RTW collection?


there aren’t many austrian blogs and there are even fewer from austria’s west. but quality is better than quantity and so there’s not many but a very good one from that part of the country. afraid of us is a blog by maximilian and sia and quite new in the austrian blogosphere.

what i really like about their blog is not only the design, that really appeals to my sense of aesthetics, but also their really diverse contents, that reach from fashion, to music and contemporary art. there’s always something really fresh and new on their blog! here’s a little interview, with the masterminds behind afraid of us:

1. Tell me about yourself in 3 words
creative, loving fashion, reclusive

2. What do you love & hate most about blogging?
we love to share our finds with others, to show what we like and also trigger discussions. what we dislike is the fact, that we can’t blog and write about everything we like and see. we’d like to share much more with out readers, but since the internet is already so overwhelming, we’re trying to keep our posts very simple: the contents are the most important to us.

3. If you’d be an animal, what would you be?

4. What has been the greatest blogging event / experience for you?
the fashion camp this year was a great experience and we’re definitely attending again next year. unfortunately we missed the after party, which is absolutely not happening again! apart from that we’re in a sad situation in tyrol, there’s not many blogger events going on.

5. Which are your favorite blogs?
our favorite blogs are broken cookies, the kinki-mag blog and inattendu. sometimes we read austrian blogs such as split personality.

6. What are you expecting Santa to put under your tree?
cash is king! we’re planing a trip to vienna in 2012 and we’ll need some cash for that. what always makes us happy: rolls for our lomo-cameras.

If you wanna know more, also check out their facebook fan page.