as oyster mag stated correctly: “the campaign is a cinematic ode to seventies nostalgia and adolescent wonderment.” i couldn’t put it better. director todd cole has done an amazing job with putting the wonderful pieces in the right light and creating a crime-like-but-still-beautiful-mood. the video has been out since february but NOW the californian label founded by kate & laura mulleavy, which i am pretty much in love with, is celebrating it’s collection presentation at the wonderful showroom opening ceremony. they have achieved so much and they’re collections are screaming from perfection. the costumes they created were also the only great thing about the movie “black swan”, which i thought was the worst movie ever. check out rodarte’s website here.


obsessions #1

Since I am a little computer geek, who spends a loooot of time in front of the screen, there’s so many things on the internet I am obsessed with and that I’d like to share with you. When I am at home there’s always music playing and I am on the constant look out for new artists. One thing I have fallen in love with over the past years are music blogs. I have a couple of favorites but my steady number one has always been DAYTROTTER. I love it so much, they should hire me to promote them. I love not only the music, the design, the illustrations but also the fact that they put so much thought in how to make everything work. The usability is so user friendly and it’s so easy to download free music. They always host musicians for studio sessions, which you can download absolutely free (4 tracks per session!).


its 5 in the morning and insomnia has caught me. after turning around for quite a while i decided to get up and enjoy some yogi tea while browsing through photos. i stumbled upon two great photographers, who took beautiful images of sleeping people. the first two photos are by ezgi.polat and the second two by amber ortolano. Please don’t forget to credit them and not my blog when re-posting those photos.

so now, back to more browsing, more not sleeping and picking up my new lens in the morning.
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