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(scroll down for english version)  Viele von uns versuchen bewusst zu leben. Wir machen uns Gedanken darüber, was wir essen, woher unsere Kleidung kommt, wie wir reisen. Aber nur sehr selten denken wir an etwas, was wir tagtäglich mit uns tragen: Schmuck.


as a blogger i stumble upon so many things. i go to tons of events and meet so many interesting people. most of them are really talented and every once in a while i meet people that REALLY impress me. one of them is elisabeth habig, a jewellry designer from vienna. i first saw her pieces exhibited at the WE BANDITS pop up store and it immediately caught my attention. i fell in love with her acryl casted pieces. but what really impresses me is the variety in what she does and her repertoire. she doesn’t only offer a wide range of styles but also does hats and ohter accessoires next to her jewellry collections.
for more info check her facebook page or website