Robin Roger

recently i stumbled upon this incredibly talented photographer from vienna. he shot wonderful mark from the label mark & julia and the photos just instantly caught my attention. his repertoire reaches so far, it’s amazing how he captures these moods indoor as well as outdoor.
make sure to check out robin roger’s tumblr and facebook page if you like the work as much as i do.


so many of you were asking about my diana mini photos and here they finally are. you can check out my post about this wonderful camera i got from lomography for christmas here. after i decided to leave my SLR at home and only take the iphone and my diana mini to paris with me  i knew it was a risky mission. the instagram turned out perfectly and now after developing the film from my lomo camera i am quite satisfied. i still have to figure out the exposure and since it was a -10 °C weekend trip the greyish look of these photos simply resembles the weather. also some photos turned out blurry, but like i said: the cam and i have to get to know each other with time (i have very romantic feelings when it comes to cameras).
 ps: i realized i am the most cliche tourist ever. most of my film has been filled with the eiffel tower motive. laaaaame.