hi my loves. sorry for this L-A-M-E post, but i am really busy with packing today. i have an all-day workshop so my packing has to be done suuuuper quick. i decided not to take my SLR with me, instead the diana f mini (which i blogged about here) and the iphone have to do the entire job. i am just not in the mood to be carrying my heavy SLR with me (not that i plan on shopping and coming home with more to carry…. haha). i never take too much stuff with me, a few essentials do it. two day and one night outfit, some nice accessories and i am done.


wow, three days without internet. call me addicted (yes, i allow you to call me that) but it feels like ages. and its amazing! i am not wearing make-up, i am not worrying about outfit posts, i have gained about 30 kilos and I AM SO HAPPY. i spend the entire day doing NOTHING, except reading and eating. right now i cant imagine anything more beautiful, than listening to angus & julia stone and taking little walks by the beach (which are btw, after three days with NO excercie already really exhausting).

i read the best book ever, “one day” by david nicholls, 540 pages in only 2 days. for a kid like me, that grew up with TV / computer aka ADHD, that really means something. i am still scared of camels, their poop smells terrible and i am SO tan, you won’t believe it. naked i look like i am wearing a white bikini. no kidding.
back on friday, many kisses to all of you.


WOWWOAHWOOOOHIEWHAAAAAAAAMM! look what i got in my mail yesterday. this wonderful diana f+ gold camera by lomography. i’ve had my fisheye lomo for a while now and i can not wait to take this baby out. there’s no better accessory for a blogger, it even has a gold chain on it! almost a chanel bag!
THANK YOU for this wonderful gift.


cupcakes, bubbles, sun, a quiet spot in the woods and amazing music… the material girl vöslauer wonderland party just blew my mind. not that my mind wasn’t filled with unicorns, ponys and rainbows already but just imagine stepping out of the real and entering a wonderworld…. i was wearing my vintage glitter pants with my favorite disco jacket from WE BANDITS. still dreaming about wonderland, woooah.