ever since i lived in the US when i was 17, i have been a fan of that heavenly place called smoothie king. coming back and living in europe i have been very lazy concerning my smoothie love (apart from this desaster once)…

then all of a sudden last week the kenwood 2go smoothie maker (buy it here) landed in my mail and apart from my huge fetish for kitchen machines (anything that will make my life easier in the kitchen makes my pain when cooking less) i was super excited to try that spacy smoothie machine from the future out. i wasn’t very convinced about only 300 Watt at first, but my first smoothie turned out d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s and the most amazing thing about it: it comes with cups you can directly blend in but also take away for the office of whatever (not that i have a job and office to go to… #unemployed).
 Kenwood Smoothie 2GO
the “smoothie recipe” (not really a recipe at all): mango, melon, strawberries, milk and a little bit of basil.


deep frozen spinach + soy milk

alright, alright! this looks like the most disgusting piece of crap you’ve ever seen. but it’s spinach + blueberries that make this awful color. this breakfast smoothie gives you LOADS of vitamins for the day and tastes so yummy. perfect for people like me, that are always in a rush. just throw whatever you like in the mixer and ENJOY.