ACHTUNG! DIESE PHOTOS NICHT MIT LEEREM MAGEN DURCHSCROLLEN! es tut mir wirklich leid, sollten diese photos zu

besabberter tastatur oder ohnmächtigkeit führen. quasi ohnmächtig fühlte ich mich auch nach diesem mahl, dass mein freund und ich im neu entdeckten chiq chaq (danke caro für den tipp!) verputzten. ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob die tatsache, dass dieser burger heaven 5 min. von meinem zuhause entfernt ist, ein segen oder fluch ist. wenn ihr also in zukunft weniger outfit posts aufgrund von gewichtszunahme feststellt, sagt nicht ich hätte euch nicht gewarnt! auf diesen bildern seht ihr: steakhouse burger (nach dem motto “wenn schon denn schon”), sweet potatoe fries (trommelwirbel) und onion rings (und meinen freund aber ich glaube der hat keine beschreibung nötig). also: nußdorfer straße 7 it is, wenn ihr hochqualitative burger (fleisch von radatz) und etwas new york feel zu guter musik haben wollt.

EN: huge sorry if these pictures might cause some drooling, panting or grunting. last sunday the boy and i were in massive need for a hangover cure and realized that a new burger place had opened right by my house (which now will be a blessing and a curse at the same time!). we both had the steakhouse burger with sweet potatoe fries (insert ceremonial trumpet sound) and onion rings, followed by a cheesecake and brownie. chiq chaq is definitely a place to stop by when in vienna, especially if you’re looking for a little bit of new york flair.


as you might have read on instagram the boy has finally made his way to vienna and we’re now united happily ever after (yes, that’s a love story!). celebrating our first night together, we were super excited to try out harry’s time, a restaurant i have walked by so, so many times but never actually had the time to try it.

the thing i really liked about the place was, apart from the beef tartare that was one of the best i have ever had, that they offer menu only. we were able to choose from a few different menu sizes (5 courses / 7 courses / endless courses) and decided to go for the 7 course one (i have oriental genes, you know i can eat a lot!). well 7 courses later i rolled out of the place (damned myself for putting on super tight jeans) but we really loved it (if you plan on going there the 5 course menu should be enough!). the dessert: chocolate cake with a liquid inside. do i have to say any more? don’t think so. now we are planing on trying more and more places as i have been away for a while and have missed out on so many new places. any suggestions, guys?

shirt ZARA / necklace CLAIRE’S (similar here) / coat MASSIMO DUTTI (similar here)


albertina passage is a quite new place in viennas first district, right by the opera. it’s supposed to be a dinner club, a place where you can eat out and party at the same time. when we first arrived we were really impressed by the interior. the light and the music set a perfect mood.
apart from the food and the music, albertina passage really wasn’t worth the money. the first problem we had was that we got the worst table ever. we were sitting on a table in a corner, far away from the stage. i called months before to get a good table, since it was peter’s 30th birthday and asked for a good table by the band. anyway, the waiter gave us a much better table when i asked him to. then the night went on and albertina passage disappointed me more and more. we got our starters before we even had our drinks, the bread arrived even after that. if one pays 18 € for a starter, i should be able to have my glass of wine with it, right? for mains we had the rib-eye steak and fish, which were both delicious.
the waiter then forgot about us, we sat in front of our empty plates for almost 30 min. we weren’t even asked if we wanted dessert, but at that point we didn’t even wan’t anything else than get out of the place.
my resume: a very beautiful and special place, high quality food but awful service and definitely not worth the money. too bad.


coat, jacket and blouse H&M / trousers ZARA / bag L.CREDI / shoes TOPSHOP
on monday the bf and i met a really sweet friend from london, who came to visit for some days. we decided to go to das moebel, a really cool café in vienna (where all the hip and cool kids go). i’ve wanted to go there forever and finally made it. we tried their brunch and strolled around town for a little bit after. i also got to wear my new jacket by h&m trend, which i am completely obsessed with. can you be in love with a piece of clothing? YES YOU CAN.
also i am so excited to tell you that i won this incredible la prairie give-away by notorious mag. it’s worth 475 $ and i can’t believe that’s it’s gonna be standing in my bath room. i think after using it i will look as hot as like heidi klum!


after a really long day last night i went to petit maroc in vienna’s 7th district, which was on our “we need to go there”-list for a long time. i’ve heard so many good things about it and turns out they were all true. we spent a wonderful evening, with wonderful and friendly service. the tagines are really amazing and the interior just blew my mind. very simple, but still so romantic (that’s why my photos turned out a little dark… but at least you’re feeling the mood). back home I fell asleep like a baby. happy, with full stomach!