Hi this is me, but not really. I’m basically out of order. Got 3 hours of sleep last night and my cold has gotten terrible. I look (and feel) like a mix of blood sucking zombie, drug addict in rehab and run over animal by the street. Make-up from yesterday, greasy hair und irritated skin. Oh how I love those days! BUT I did attend class and found out that the project I am going to be working on until September is AWESOME and we have a huge budget from our client that we can spend and use for planing. Coming home I started taking photos of my destroyed self and made myself a new fabric bracelet. Someone told me they look nasty but I think they’re cool. Period. I am going to spend these next days with lots of work and I really wanna check out “curry up!”, that new Indian fast food place. I’ve eaten so much italian lately, I honestly can’t see any more mozzarella, ciabatta, pesto, olives and tomatoes! Anywaaaaay… I was thinking of a new design for my blog. Maybe. Maybe not. Suggestions appreciated. Muah! | PS: My mom told me today she found out I had a blog and she started reading it.. So: HI MOM! I LOVE YOU!
H&M pants
ASOS watch
H&M | NEW ONE | OWN-MADE bangles


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