the “i am obsessed with”- posts have to be continued! since there’s a kazillion things i have a fetish for, i try to choose wisely and only pick the ones I AM REALLY REALLY IN LOVE WITH. so here it goes: notebooks. what? you expected something more exciting? hobbies like bungee jumping or collecting snakes are too far out of my league, i find excitement in collecting notebooks. i have always been someone who loves to go to school and take notes. i love the writing part, the getting-thoughts-from-my-brain-to-paper part and just the way they look. they have to be girlie and cute. in school my best friend always thought i was the most ridiculous person on earth, because i would always tear out a page and write it all again, if i thought my writing looked ugly. the booklet i am proud of the most? the one that actually says my name on it: madeleine. oh well, i am pretty hardcore.

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