wow, wow, wow!

so yesterday was seriously on of the most amazing days ever. i got a ticket for the fm4 frequency festival for free on short notice and immediately drove off to st. poelten. after finding a parking spot i found out i still had to take a shuttle to the festival area. after getting there i stood in line for over 45 minutes in the guest list line… at least i got a great tan in the burning heat. the last bummer was that they wouldn’t let me take my SLR inside, which i think is the most stupid rule. why can people take their cameras inside, only SLR ones are not allowed? BUT smart me had a plan B and hid my manual SLR in my bag, which they didn’t find. so next week, when the rolls will be developed you will get to see some photos 🙂

so after seeing TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB (awesome!), CLUESO (really cool!) and THE NATIONAL (breath taking!) i bumped into vicky sweetie from ellevictoire and sabina/david from broken cookies. so we actually ended up in a cool blogger-festival-gang. we saw INTERPOL (crazy!), KAISER CHIEFS (incredible!) and THE KOOKS (absolutely no words!). unfortunately i had to go back to vienna and had to do the 1 hour drive back at 1 in the morning. thanks red bull, for saving me!

here’s some cell phone videos, my manual photos will follow soon!


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