wow, wow, wow. yesterday: seriously one of the best nights ever. i had quite high expectations for waves but they were even exceeded. first, we went on a ride with the incredible heineken music train. even though there weren’t too many people when we first got in, we had such a blast. the trains that we ride everyday transformed into a party tram! so cool! and then WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE at flex…woah. i can’t describe what kind of music they make, it’s just the most unique thing ever. after we went on another ride with the music train and ended up at badeschiff, where we stayed a little, hung out by the water and had some beer. tonight i will go and see CITY AND COLOUR at WUK, which i can not wait for. saturday some more waves action and many more things coming up. stay tuned 🙂
thanks to christian for taking some photos of us!


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