alright, i’d like to be a super spontaneous and incredibly crazy person…. which i am not. really. i love making plans and knowing what to do next. on friday i was like: “oh yeah today i’m gonna be so incredibly hardcore, i am going to see a band i’ve never listened to before! wow!” (yeah i am totally nuts! -> insert sarcasm here <-). crazy me went and saw WHOMADEWHO at flex. they were performing for WAVES VIENNA, which sadly ended on sunday. one thing i know now: being spontaneous really pays off. whomadewho are amazing performers, musicians and entertainers! they really give every cell of their bodies while performing and you can tell: they love what they’re doing.
unfortunately not everything that night was as awesome as whomadewho’s performance. there are some really bitter and unhappy people working at flex. not only was the door staff drunk but also the most unprofessional i’ve seen in a long time. flex is one of europe’s best clubs, but their staff acts like they’re freakin gods. the guy at the door wouldn’t let me get back in to get my coat after the gig and another girl screamed at everyone for standing in the entrance area. there’s nothing wrong with giving people information on what the deal is, but acting that emotional and unfriendly is just sad.


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