what makes a girl feel like a princess? a package full with dior make-up! a few days ago my heart melted, when i got this wonderful… wait… AMAZING package my dior make-up. i was already a fan of their brand new launched website Backstage Dior and getting my hands on these goodies definitely made a dream come true. here’s a little list of what’s decorating my bathroom shelves now:
Diorskin Forever Compact 
Diorshow New Look
Rosy Glow Blush
Dior Addict Extreme
Dior Vernis
Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo

my favorite is definitely the make-up, even though it’s a little darker than the compact powder that i’ve been using for years, the liquid make-up is perfect for the summer. plaza, the vernis color, is the coolest i’ve seen in a long time. i have never tried dior nail polish before and i am really satisfied. the blush shocked me at first because it seemed to bright, which normally doesn’t work with my tan skin, but it somehow adapts to your skin tone and gives such a fresh impression. anyway, i could go on and on, about how much i’m in love with these goodies. the boyfriend also got lucky, he kept the acqua di parma perfume, which makes him smell like summer, the ocean and romantic dates on a sailing boat…


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