the other day lucky me got to visit the kiehl’s HQ in vienna. kiehl’s has always been one of the “good brands” to me. clean, simple and effective. getting to know the people behind kiehl’s definitely confirmed that picture.

the company was founded 1851 in new york and started out with very specific products for individual problems. until now kiehl’s still uses a lot of natural ingredients like oils or plants. but what i love most about the brand is how they treat their customers. they always work with samples, they believe in having the customer test their products before having to buy them. also they have a reward system for empty bottles brought back to the store. they recycle the bottles and make awesome tote bages out of it! also they started having baby products which is pretty cool considering that some of my next baby shower products are definitely gonna be bought there!

after getting a detailed consultation, i got to take home the rare earth deep pore cleansing masque and daily cleanser, both part of the rare earth line that is formulated with amazonian white clay, that draws out oil and dirt and clogs out pores. also i got to take two pieces from the ultra facial oil-free line, that are good for my skin which is pretty oily and tends to blemish. the ultra facial oil-free toner and lotion are the perfect companions for my next travels. both make my skin look really fresh and healthy.

kiehl’s reduced their prices a few months ago and i can highly recommend trying out their stuff, one of the few brands where price and performance really work.


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