today’s the day. i am moving to milan. it’s been very hard not to become emotional with this huge change in my life. i know, milan’s not buenos aires or sydney, but it’s still a move to a different life, culture and people. the last time i went abroad i was 17 and i went to the US for 6 months. right before i moved i realized all the stuff i loved about home, like i do now. i love my friends, my family, this town, the life quality, the parks and my lovely apartment. but the past months i have also realized what i don’t like or what i don’t want in my life. i have gone through a break-up, did jobs i didn’t like and met people i would rather not meet again. i have been in very superficial situations and met people that are fake on the out- and inside. believe me, my life hasn’t always been that happy and i have gone through many disappointments. i have learned a lot of things i don’t want in my life. and that’s probably the most important thing to learn in life: knowing what you’d rather exclude from it. because then knowing what you want is much, much easier. and i know that a lot of things i want are in vienna, with the people i love and that i laugh with so much. there’s a hand full of people that i am going to miss and it really hurts to leave them.

but i am SO excited for a new environment, meeting new people, get inspired, learn more, travel and of course: keep blogging. right now vienna’s becoming too small and confining for what i am reaching for in life. it’s time to leave. 

now i need to get my shit together, stop being emotional and conquer the world one day at a time.

   ♥ see you when i get there    


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