on saturday me and my friends luisa and georg decided to have the best beauty day of all time. maybe the pouring rain in milan wasn’t exactly what we were going for, but the beauty treatments were definitely a huge success. we first went to bluette milano, an aveda salon. i really love their products! the haircut i got was okay, since i didn’t want anything exciting. not the best ever, but definitely not bad!
 after our hair treatment we headed over to garrarufa milano, a brand new spa in milan, that focuses on the fish therapy. i have never actually tried the therapy before and was quite curious how it works. the spa itself is absolutely stunning, the interior is just wonderful. we enjoyed the little fish destroying all the old skin on our feet while having a cup of prosecco and some snacks. my feet were SO soft after, i can’t even describe it. i even thought to dedicate an own blog to my feet at that moment. the therapy is amazing, even though it gives some people creeps first, it really is super effective and also quite funny.


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