on december 4th i was walking through vienna’s streets, watching the people. everyone was rushing from one shop to another, buying, buying and once more: buying. especially before christmas people go crazy considering consumerism. they buy loads of plastic dump that lands in the trash at some point anyway.

of course, this blog is about fashion i buy and other things strongly connected to materialistic things and consumerism. but i have been thinking a lot about REAL life needs lately and things that make me really happy. and i figured it isn’t buying things. it is BEING rather than OWNING. of course sometimes you need to buy something in order to “be”. like traveling: investing money but then EXPERIENCING something amazing over a longer period of time.

for me i am sick of those quick impulses that give me short-term satisfaction or “happiness”. i am not willed to be fooled by fake desires. if you’re sad a new pair of shoes won’t change it and when you want to reward yourself a shopping tour also isn’t the right reward. REAL needs and desires are different. i remember when i traveled in asia for four months and every day i had amazing experiences, that didn’t cost a cent and that i still live off of.

i started asking myself: what do i REALLY want? what are my real desires? do i really want to spend all my money on stupid clothes all the time? that’s why i have decided to stop shopping for the coming 3 months. i want to invest my money in things that are more important, start trading instead of buying and do more DIY. this is just a start, after i want to buy more consciously. i have loads and loads of clothes at my house, i keep selling so much and i still own shitloads. i want to have a small wardrobe, with a few pieces that i like and that i can wear over and over again. my dreamhouse is small, clean and definitely not crowded with loads of crap. i don’t like the feeling to own masses of things i don’t need. 

you can’t believe how free i already feel. just seeing something i like and knowing “well i can’t buy it anyway, i promised not so shop” is such an incredible feeling of freedom and not feeling any pressure of “should i buy or should i not buy? will i really wear it?”. of course i am in the lucky position of having companies that send me beautiful things and instead of buying more and more i will worship those small things.


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