My full name is Madeleine Sophie Darya.

I am 1,61 m tall and weigh 56 kg.

When I was a kid I took part in “1,2 oder 3” – a famous TV show from Germany.

I have a very bad, almost non existing relationship to my father which makes me really sad sometimes.

My favorite food is ice cream and lasagna (maybe one reason why I moved to Italy!)

I have an older brother that is 28 and younger half-sister who is 15.

I am very, very scared of death.

I used to play Lacrosse and also played for the Austrian National Team in the European Championships in 2008.

I got hit by a car when I was 14 and had a bad ski accident with 13, where a helicopter had to come and get me.

I traveled alone in Asia for almost 4 months when I was 21. I spent two months in Thailand and Laos and did an internship in Seoul, South Korea for two more months.


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