i am pretty much totally exaggerating concerning this hair issue. yesterday i asked you on my instagram and facebook what you prefer: long or short hair. i really like my short hair as it is really convenient to wear open and style. on the other hand i really miss putting up my hair in a bun or having messy, long beach hair.

apart from the ombre look, this is how my hair has been looking for a while now, after i cut it (myself!) earlier last year:

… and here how i had my hair for a reeeeally long time:

the bf really likes my long hair, just from seeing it on photos. also i kind of miss that simple, sleek look. i think i have made my decision: back to long. maybe not as long and still a fresh, middle length, but definitely not as short again.

Ieri ho chiesto su instagram e facebook  se preferite i capelli corti o lunghi. ho deciso di far crescere i capelli di nuovo, forse non molto lungo, ma almeno più di adesso!


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