shirt STÜSSY / legging H&M / blouse ZARA / shoes MARCO MILANO / bag & beanie VINTAGE

you know one thing about me: i am not a heel-mini-skirt-clutch girl. i appreciate comfort so much and to me it’s like an own religion. i could never wear something that’s not comfortable and gets me through the day without having pain in my feet or having to adjust my skirt every two minutes. but i also think that this doesn’t mean not being sexy. combining tight leggings with a loose top and a cool bag is much easier and makes you way sexier, because it makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Non sono una ragazza a quale piacono le gonne super mini e i tacchi alti. La comodità è molto piu importante per me! Penso che mettersi i leggings strette e un top leggero ti fa piu sexy.


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