as you might have read here, the bf and i are going on a trip to corsica. a camping trip! which means: less lugagge = better. i have always denied ebook readers, since i am a huge fan of actually touching a book and having it up in my bookshelf. but now the moment has come to put basic need over nostalgia!
when on holiday i read about one book every second day (you could call me obsessed) so bringing 8 books or so would have the boyfriend kill me (because i’d be the one wining “booo-hoooo my suitcase is soooo h-e-a-v-y”). so i went online and decided to go for the kindle paperwhite, which has background light, so i can also read in the dark tent at night and i already love it! i have recently read jonas jonasson’s “the 100-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared” (which btw i can reeeeally recommend, you can find the link below) and i sucked up these 400-something pages in only two days, that’s how easy it was with that little book-computer-thingy!




        Kindle Paper white / Kindle regular


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