Exactly today three years ago I posted my first post ever on DARIADARIA (back then called “die melange” – thanks to Aimee for

helping me find the new name). Back then my blog was about politics, books, whatever crossed my mind. I started DARIADARIA as my diary, my platform for thoughts and feelings. Believe me if I say: I would have NEVER thought that it would grow to what it is today. I feel so fortunate and happy to be able to call blogging my job now, because it is still what I love doing the most. There has never been a single day where blogging annoyed me and if it ever does, I know it’s time to stop. I had so much fun putting together these photos from the past years and realized, that 2012 really was THE year for my blog. It’s where cooperations started, my first travels were happening but also a lot of private things happening like my move to milan and getting to know my boyfriend. Today and every other day I want to thank YOU. You are the people who always supported me and I can not express how much I appreciate this support. THANK YOU.

I also want to express a big THANK YOU to Andrea, my boyfriend and photographer, without whom I could never run DARIADARIA as it is now. I love you.
And here’s all of your questions answered!

– What’s your background? 
I was born in Austria, I have an Austrian mother and a dad who was born in Switzerland, but grew up in Iran, where also my grandfather was from.

– Do you still colour DIY your ombre?  Ever since I did my ombre video I have not dyed my hair again. Since it’s bleached there’s no need to bleach it again, as it doesn’t fade.

– How did you get to know your boyfriend? I met him on my second day in Milan at a terrible party. His friend talked to me because Andrea was too shy to talk to me (thanks to Davide at this point for hooking us up!).
– In which language do you talk to each other? We first spoke english to each other and slowly moved on to Italian. Now we talk exclusively in Italian but Andrea is doing a german course now so we try to speak more german at home.
– How do you shoot / edit your photos? I shot with a Canon 550D for a very long time and got a 5D Mark II last december. I edit my photos with Adobe Photoshop.
– How did you get started working professionally in fashion photography? I got my first camera when I was very young, about 11. Since then I never put it aside. I did the graphic school in Vienna, where I majored in photography and audiovisual design. I after studied at the New Design University and did my masters degree in fashion photography at Istituto Marangoni in Milan.
– Can you live from blogging? At the moment my salary consists of 50% blog jobs and 50% photography jobs.
– How would your life have looked like if you wouldn’t have become a blogger and fashion photographer? In my first year after graduating from high school I actually studied political sciences and social anthropology for a year. I guess this would have been my second choice after taking the path that I took after. I am very interested in politics and human beings in general: why they do what they do, why they are who they are.


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