clutch MOSCHINO CHEAP & CHIC / passport case FROM KOREA / sunnies MBMJ

Within two weeks of India, we have stayed in six different places. Backpacking is incredible, especially because you get very humble. We first stayed at the Le Meridien but soon also stayed in very, very basic bed and breakfasts with cockroaches greeting me every night in the bathroom. I love camping so these kind of things really don’t bother me. But then, every once in a while, after not having put on make up in days and having lived in my Birkenstocks, I also love “pampering” myself every once in a while. Checking in in a fancier hotel (fancier in India means a 30€ room), buying Harpers Bazaar India (150 Rupies, which equals about 1,20€) and relaxing a few hours on the hotel bed, escaping India’s noise and dust. Also this time my new Moschino Cheap & Chic clutch has come with me, which is perfectly light and easy to transport in my backpack and can be used for so many different purposes.


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