Rule #1 If you’re in love with an expensive piece… wait!
Rule #2 If you have waited for a few years and still love it… go!

That’s pretty much my love story with the Céline Trio bag. When I first saw the bag in 2012 I knew immediately: this is MY bag (even more after seeing it on Victoria after her wedding). But still being a reasonable person I NEVER went to look at it while living in Milan for a whole year (I was still a student back then). So now being back, all grown up an working girl, I decided to give it a chance: if they’d have black trios in stock, I’d go for it. And the luck was on my side: a few black babies came back in stock at the Milan Céline store a few days back and it took me only a few seconds to decide. The perfect crossbody bag – it’s finally mine and I couldn’t be happier.


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