as a little girl when i would always steal my mum’s make-up it was my biggest dream to one day own my very own beauty items. i have been into beauty ever since i secretly painted all over my body with nail polish when i was three years old and my mum almost got a heart attack finding me (my mum and i both had 39 degrees fever when i escaped from her bed and went to steal her old nail polishes. i then painted my eyebrows, furniture, rugs and my entire arms with nail polish before jumping into the bath tub that i filled up with ice cold water).

now, many years later, it’s been the biggest honor to be the official guest blogger for estée lauder. i absolutely love their products (tom ford lipsticks are my favorite!) and i have been using the double wear foundation ever since kathi told me about it. for an entire week i shared my personal favorites with you and there’s still a tiny surprise to come!

ps: in the last picture there’s a feature of me for zalando magazine who kindly gave me the samsung galaxy s4 phone with which i took all of these amazing shots for estée lauder!


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