DariadariaLeinenDoraLinenMaskaOutfit-15DariadariaLeinenDoraLinenMaskaOutfit-1 DariadariaLeinenDoraLinenMaskaOutfit-18DariadariaLeinenDoraLinenMaskaOutfit-7 DariadariaLeinenDoraLinenMaskaOutfit-8DariadariaLeinenDoraLinenMaskaOutfit-14 DariadariaLeinenDoraLinenMaskaOutfit-12 DariadariaLeinenDoraLinenMaskaOutfit-17DariadariaLeinenDoraLinenMaskaOutfit-3trousers MASKA / sweater MASKA / shoes BC FOOTWEAR / bag NUDOBAGS / glasses ANDY WOLF (available at Stino Optik in Vienna) / short necklace VIERI / long necklace VERALIE / bracelets TRAVEL SOUVENIRS

BRAND INFO: MASKA is a fair fashion label. This piece is produced in Poland. BC FOOTWEAR has vegan, eco-friendly and socially conscious collections. NUDOBAGS is an NGO project by Make Me Smile Colombia. The bags are being produced by women in Colombia and 100% of the earnings given back to them. ANDY WOLF is an Austrian eyewear brand, everything is designed and produced in Austria. VIERI is a luxury jewelry brand, using ethical gold. VERALIE is a Vienna based jeweler, everything is being produced in Austria.



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