DariadariaPeopleTreeEbbaTunicDress-17DariadariaPeopleTreeEbbaTunicDress-3DariadariaPeopleTreeEbbaTunicDress-21DariadariaPeopleTreeEbbaTunicDress-11DariadariaPeopleTreeEbbaTunicDress-1DariadariaPeopleTreeEbbaTunicDress-15DariadariaPeopleTreeEbbaTunicDress-16DariadariaPeopleTreeEbbaTunicDress-18DariadariaPeopleTreeEbbaTunicDress-5DariadariaPeopleTreeEbbaTunicDress-13 DariadariaPeopleTreeEbbaTunicDress-10dress PEOPLE TREE / shoes BIRKENSTOCK / hat NAGY HÜTE / tassel necklace BLISS BY IMAN / short necklace VIERI / long necklace VERALIE / sunnies KOMONO

Photos by Andrea Cislaghi

BRAND INFO: PEOPLE TREE is a fair fashion label, this particular hand embroidered dress is made by Kumudini Welfare Trust, a social business in Bangladesh. BIRKENSTOCK produces in Germany, this particular model is not vegan. They have a vegan line too, other vegan options would be vegetarian shoes or NAE . NAGY HÜTE is an austrian hat store, this hat is made in Slovenia. BLISS BY IMAN produces all their pieces in Vienna. VIERI is a luxury jewelry brand, using ethical gold. VERALIE is a Vienna based jeweler, everything is being produced in Austria. KOMONO sunnies are produced in China.


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