Vienna really surprises me from time to time. For me Vienna has always been diverse and international, but not as much as cities like Berlin or London. The 16th district in Vienna has never been really attractive, was known for grey, old buildings and bad immigration politics. I was always looking for a place in Vienna, thats a mix of Naschmarkt and a little more down-to-earth (less touristy!): that’s Yppenplatz. At the end of Brunnengasse you’ll find a big square with a couple of charming cafés, restaurants and kids playing football. The area seems very “bobo” but is way more relaxed than those super-hyped places like Naschmarkt or the area around Gumpendorferstraße. I went to ANDO (they don’t have a website yet), which was originally a fish restaurant and now also offers AMAZING salads, sandwichs, mediterranean cuisine for a SUPER price. We had: two hollunder spritzer, two cafés, a bionade, a sandwich, a huge greek salad, two tiramisus. ALL TOGETHER FOR 30 EUROS. The place is really nice, open space with a great garden. The whole atmosphere at Yppenplatz is so friendly and inviting. I am officially in love with Yppenplatz and you can be sure to see me around there a lot.

ZARA jacket
VINTAGE silk top & bag
COS leather necklace
UO handcuff
NEW ONE leather bracelet
H&M maxi dress
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