you know what I love (–> insert sarcasm here)? people who have fashion blogs claiming they’re super grunge, punk and hippster-whatever. they show their piercings, crazy died hair and pretend to be the ultimate capitalist rebel. then they wear 200 euro brogues. reeeeally?

anyway, i am not getting into details here. i spent a crazy busy weekend and feel like i’m having a mini-burnout, that’s why today i am being the laziest bastard ever. i treated myself with some a-w-e-s-o-m-e velvet leggings and a velvet dress. that’s probably even more hypocrite than what i described in the begining of this post: buying brand new things that look like they’re from the 80ies, haha.
sooo, on friday i saw CITY AND COLOUR (thank you, dani!) and it was seriously on of the best concerts i’ve ever seen in my entire life. i cried, yes i did! that’s how beautiful it was.
saturday was incredibly busy. first i went to wonderful WE BANDITS, who pitched their tent at yppenplatz for all of october.
afterwards we made our way to the guerilla bakery. i have heard so much about it and always wanted to go. i had really high expectations, but to be frank: it all felt like a freakin mass processing. there were thousands of people, squeezed into a tiny little room, everything had to go incredibly fast, there wasn’t even’t time to look at what you were about to buy. the athmosphere in there was awful. on the other hands the baked goods were really delicious. we got two muffins and a brownie. 10 euros all together is a a lot of money. especially since it felt like being on an assembly belt. too bad, the concept of it all did sound good to me.


after so much traveling and action it was great to spend a weekend at home and just relax. i love going to the farmers market saturday morning and buying whatever looks good to me. then, at home, we have a nice and big breakfast with fresh bread, butter and fruit. after that i start thinking of dishes i can prepare with the groceries i bought at the market. this weekend i decided to try gazpacho, the cold, spanish veggie soup. it’s so easy, since it’s simply tomatoes, cucumber, herbs, olive oil and tabascco mixed together and served chilled. it’s great with toasted white bread. i decided to pair it with a fresh ruccola-avocado-cottage-cheese salad. yumm…..


another reeeeally bright and over-saturated photo post. but that’s pretty much how my life has been lately. really vivid and bright. ponys, fairytales and rainbows, yay! on saturday we went for breakfast with lovely victoria from victorypug and her better half. after enjoying delicious breakfast at ando, which is mentioned here, we went and bought ridiculous amounts of flowers, but they were so pretty and cheap, we couldn’t resist!


one of the great things vienna has to offer: the danube canal (“donaukanal” in german). in the past year’s it has grown from a recreational area to an area that also has to offer lots of cool stuff for young people. the famous “flex”, which is probably one of austria’s most famous clubs, is located there. more and more outdoor caf├ęs have settled there, such as tel aviv beach (which i don’t like too much because of all the snobs hanging out there), strandbar hermann or the summer stage. if you’re not into spending money you can simply bring your own booze and relax or go for a jog. here’s some photos i took last week hanging out with a friend.


I am back home. Back from 19 days of awesomeness. 19 days of seeing old friends, meeting new people, going out, shopping, sightseeing and: delicious food. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love to eat out and how much effort it takes me to actually cook a meal. I am barely ever home and don’t really have any time to do proper cooking. But traveling made me realize, that my deep love for food needs to be brought to a next level. I’ve lived by myself for 4 years now, it is definitely time for me to start cooking. Also I am a vegetarian so most times I don’t have that much choice eating out. So today I got up and decided to be super domestic: did laundry, cleaned and went grocery shopping. I made an indian curry, without a real recipe though. Before putting it together I just browsed through some recipes and kind of put them together. Well I know it’s not a huge deal, but it really is for me! IT TASTES AMAZING! So proud of myself. And it’s so healthy!

Ingredients: Chickpeas (soft), potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, onions, garlic, fresh parsley
Sauce: coconut milk, vegetable stock, cream cheese, curry powder, curry spices (curry powder, coriander/cilantro, rosemary, curcuma, cinnamon, sesame, cumin), salt, pepper, some soy sauce
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