mercedes-benz fashion week berlin


i’ve really been trying not to photo overload my blog with posts from fashion week in berlin. but as you might have noticed from my need for a vacation after berlin, i went to too many shows there (yeah, first world problems – I KNOW). but next year i’ll definitely do more outsourcing and only pick things i really wanna see.
two of the shows that i really enjoyed were by austrian designers eva poleschinski and andy wolf with superated. i have been saving for a pair of andy wolf shades forever, i think she’s my favorite designer and i just love how she puts her designs in focus (they did an amazing film called “the rosenthal legacy” which is just superb).
anyway, both shows took place in the “studio” which is the alternative to the runway. eva poleschinskis show was just incredibly well staged. the light, the sounds, the dramaturgy – absolutely stunning. andy wolf / superated was quite different but also absolutely genius. a commonplace living room scene, models eating bananas and playing chess. how beautiful can banality be?


my lovely company kemara from andy artmagazine
probably the biggest party i’ve ever been to. starting with the ss’13 collection presentation, going over to a live act by blitzkids (found a youtube video of it – she’s like the german lady gaga) and ending with a HUGE party. i have never seen anything like it. pure crazyness at mercedes-benz fashion week berlin. thanks michael michalsky for the great night.


imagine a very, very, very hot room and multiply it by a thousand. that’s how many degrees it had when i went to michalsky’s stylenite preparations. poor models were carrying mini-fans with them and my plan to pick up a really hot male-model boyfriend failed miserably due to the thousand liters of sweat that were running down my face. yeah, it did not look attractive at all. but nothing could get my mood down that day, since it was a huge honor to be invited for backstage impressions at the michalsky stylenite, which is THE highlight of mercedes-benz fashion week. wanna know how the show was? well come back soon.