So yesterday was a super busy but exciting day. I got lunch with my bestie at a really cool organic restaurant before I started my tour. First stop was the second edition of WE BANDITS, the pop up store. Again, like last time, they had amazing pieces in an amazing set up. The whole atmosphere there was really inviting and friendly. 

Second stop were the FASHION TALKS at the stunning Sofitel hotel in Vienna. It’s fairly new and a really cool location. The discussion was super interesting, covering current developments concerning inherited companies and locally produced goods. Guests were Lidewij Edelkoort, the famous trend forecaster, Risto Bibmbiloski, the fashion designer, Till Reiter, CEO of the Vienna based shoe manufacturer Ludwig Reiter and Monica Titton, a doctorate candidate of sociology at Vienna University. The host was Katrin Seidler, who is working for Jil Sander Navy Line. I won’t bore you with every detail of the discussion, but what impressed me the most, was Edelkoort’s statement about companies acting too much through marketing strategies. She said every customer will smell too much marketing and punish the company with boycotting them. Customers are looking for authentic and true products, the good needs to have a reason to be there.

My final stop at night was the opening of ESTHER VÖRÖSMARTY’S exhibition “Fieberblase”. The host is yoshi’s contemporary art gallery, which has opened in March and is located at Wollzeile in Viennas old town. It’s part of the DOTS restaurants, which revolutionized experimental sushi in Vienna. Unfortunately the owner wasn’t really interested in giving an interview, so I don’t have that much information for you. The location is really cool and their pieces focus mainly on pop art and such.

Anyway, today’s another exciting day, more photos coming!


Fashion talks: beyond heritage @ Sofitel Vienna

Yoshi’s contemporary art gallery


Back to the minnie mouse outfit! I love that velvet bow. It’s so fluffy! Originally bought it for an 80ies theme party and then ended up wearing it casually. So uni’s almost over for me, only today to go and then I am freeeeee. I’ll be back with some better updates, so stay tuuuned! <3


What else do I miss about Seoul? Their incredible knit products! I have spent about 50 percent of my money on knitted sweaters, living in Seoul. They’re all unique, super comfortable and most importantly: timelessly beautiful. Being a soft wool ball is great.
And something else I really miss? Patriotic socks! Korean Hello Kitty astronaut conquering the world…. on my stinky feet. Wish I would have brought back more of those.

necklace | etsy (here)
earrings | urban outfitters


most of you probably know the plastic jil sander bag (if not, click here). there has been a big controversy about it. paying 104 euros for a plastic bag? no thanks. h&m trend brought out a great rip of the bag with their conscious collection. i love it. have a great week!


Leica’s are the ferraris of cameras. One day I will spend a lot of money on a really good Leica… I swear. But until then I have to wait and enjoy other things that the Leica store in Vienna has to offer, such as the flee market! It took place in the courtyard of the Leica shop, which is also the courtyard of Galerie Westlicht, which is probably the best photo gallery in Vienna. They had sooo many really good cameras for incredibly low prices. I do have a shitload of really good and old cameras at home, so I set myself the limit of one. I went for a camera called “Praktica” that was produced in East Germany and used in the DDR. Unfortunately they only had a 135 mm lens, which I don’t like so much, but I’ll see how I like working with it.