So my camera already came today, even though it was expected for monday. So imagine how happy I was today when it arrived! I only had about 30 minutes to put together some photos but I am deeply in love with my new Canon EOS 550D!

VINATGE leather bag
H&M blouse, belt, denim shorts


Aloe Blacc was A M A Z I N G. He can dance and sing like a god! Only thing that really pissed me off: They wouldn’t let me take my camera inside. This has never happened to me at any concert in Vienna before. The lady at the entrance and the guy at the ticket booth told me that my camera, compared to regular cameras, was an SLR that could take professional photos. SO WHAT? My EOS 350D is 7 years old and they think its more professional than anything else? People that are into photography should have the right to take photos. If people at Arena are scared of me taking professional photos they should be scared of anyone else taking them. Especially a place like Arena Wien, that always claims to be super open to art is prohibiting the creation of such? I think anyone who plans on harming Arenas image will be able to do so, with or without digital SLR. The fact that they stopped me from bringing my camera inside just makes me write this, instead of simply putting up photos of a concert that I really enjoyed. 
I think the owners should re-think their policies, because they don’t make sense. Every person has the right and freedom of opinion and expression, which is absolutely violated by this.On the bottom you’ll find a couple of the photos I got to take before the concert.

Anyway. It’s gotten colder in Vienna… again! Got out my knitted sweater before heading (on a motorcycle, yay!) to Fresco Grill for the best Burritos in town. Love that place.

SOME KOREAN BOUTQIUE knitted sweater
H&M hat
UO earrings

daily dose of black

So this is the AMAZING dress I was talking about! I am really obsessed with it. Does everything for me a piece of clothing should: It’s made out of really soft fabric, super comfortable, the cut is beautiful, asymmetrical with a side slit. Got it at COS.. Have I mentioned I love COS? Haha. And then I got these boots from Urban Outfitters, I feel like they’re so cool, that I might be too uncool to pull them off. Anyway, here’s some photos. It’s a lot because the dress just works really great the way it falls, with the light it’s even better. Enjoy.
COS dress
COS leather necklace
H&M ring
PENNYS bracelet
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