Two days really aren’t that much. Just realized that. I closed my eyes friday night and an instant later I woke up: it was monday and I am back in Vienna. I spent a wonderful time with my family and ate CONSTANTLY. I think I have eaten enough for the whole week. Some of you know that I am quarter persian, so my family in Berlin made delicious persian meals! My trip this time was generally different from the last one: very relaxing, no shopping, no partying. Just enjoying being with my loved ones. 

So today I am really excited for the sold out Aloe Blacc concert at Arena Wien. Also I can’t believe I am already leaving for Chicago in only 10 days! I am thinking of getting a new camera before I leave, my old one is already 7 years old. Any suggestions for cameras?


So I am back from my trip and I already miss it! So much that I am going back to Berlin next week! Only for a weekend though. I hope everything works out and I can move there for university in the fall. I met so many great people, had so much fun. I will add another post with some photos of specific places I went and I liked.
Now I have to do tons of stuff for uni before leaving for Berlin next week and then Chicago in less than three weeks. I really want to go and see the current exhibitions at MUMOK. Let’s see if I have the time 🙂 Spring has finally arrived Vienna, it’s nice and warm. I love driving in my car with my shades on, windows down and music on – I’m actually a really trashy person! 
Anyway, check out the COS website here. Love the new collection, got a great, long dress (will post it soon), a leather necklace, awesome shirts with leather details… Scandinavian and beautiful! Love the cooperations they have with different artist, especially the current “stills” by Todd McLellan.

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