after a little break in my “berlin picks” collection, here one of the best vintage stores in town. seemed a little scary first, since there’s a bell to ring in order to enter. we weren’t sure if we should ring or not (yes, we’re really polite and introverted people. insert sarcasm here.) when the owner showed up and asked us to come in… as it turned out she’s austrian and has lived in berlin for a while now. anyway, check out the store here: das neue schwarz.


another amazing boutique in the area around weinmeisterstra├če: BLAU. great and very unique pieces, varying from low to high budget in beautiful setting. the mix of designer vs. vintage pieces makes this store a must in berlin! also saw this table
 which i loved.


Two days really aren’t that much. Just realized that. I closed my eyes friday night and an instant later I woke up: it was monday and I am back in Vienna. I spent a wonderful time with my family and ate CONSTANTLY. I think I have eaten enough for the whole week. Some of you know that I am quarter persian, so my family in Berlin made delicious persian meals! My trip this time was generally different from the last one: very relaxing, no shopping, no partying. Just enjoying being with my loved ones. 

So today I am really excited for the sold out Aloe Blacc concert at Arena Wien. Also I can’t believe I am already leaving for Chicago in only 10 days! I am thinking of getting a new camera before I leave, my old one is already 7 years old. Any suggestions for cameras?