dorothee, september.

this is dorothee. my neighbor for more than 22 years and one of my best friends. beautiful and the best beer drinker i have ever met. i’d rather talk about fat cats right now, because that’s what really connects us.

diy: collar tips

so i’ve seen collar tips everywhere lately. i think they look so cool and since i’m a big fan of any kind of metal application, i knew i needed something like it. they sell collar tips at ASOS but i think 12 € for those is a little much… i realized it is really, really easy to do collar tips like that yourself. i just got book corners which are reeeeeally cheap (i paid 0.80 € for four pieces) and just hammered them on the collar tips of this monki jeans shirt. done.


oh wow, so many things happening in vienna right now. very unusual for this town, that normally sleeps most of the time. anyway, after the successful backyard-sale concept there will be a temporary shop in vienna (kirchengasse 18). the amazing thing about BYS is the fact, that they offer second hand but also new designer pieces. check out their facebook page or website for more info and what you definitely have to do is: GO THERE AND CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF!
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