look at this wonderful scarf i got at forever 21. i normally don’t really like their stuff but this istantly caught my eye. today it got so many great presents in the mail, can’t wait to show you all of it! a new bag, new pair of boots, amazing monki clothing… oh what a great day.

now this might seem like i am having ridiculous problems in my life. which is true. because i am having a bag-dilemma. nelly gave me a voucher for their online shop and since i am in a need for a black shoulder bag i decided to use my voucher for that. but the choice is so huge. which one should i pick?

i find this so inspiring and beautiful. have a lovely weekends, dears.

the farm

we actually had a uni class held in this beautiful scenery. hard to believe that it was a pyrotechnics class! i’m not a big horse fan, but those cuties were just so silly and fluffy. i loved them. also they’re just so photogenic, with the changing leaves and everything. i have been living in this h&m coat and black leather boots (which you can’t see in those photos – just use your imagination!). today’s finally a day to relax, national austrian holiday. will go and see a korean production at viennale tonight. peace.
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